General Report on Tunny

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These machines are fed with tape, keyboard operation or electrically plugged patterns.

They produce either tape or printed letters.

It is convenient to describe them in tabular form.

Keyboard  tape Hand perforator  
Tape  tapeAngel  
     Insert machine (or L.B.M.): Special facilities for making correction by hand.
Tape  printJunior : Has comprehensive steckering
      Garbo : A Junior with Δ'ing.
Tape  tapeMiles: Can add five tapes with impulse permutation, etc.
     Miles Δ: Has also Δ'ing and is more flexible.
Plugged pattern and tape or keyboard   Tunny :The plugged patterns are arbitrary Tunny key.
tape or printDecoding machine :These two machines differ principally in application.

All these machines make use of certain standard units: the simpler ones consist of little else:

      1. Tape Readers (or transmitters, or auto-transmitters).
      2. Reperforators (or punches).
      3. Electromatic Typewriters.

The varieties names in brackets differ technically, not functionally.


These include:-

          Adding machines.
          Hand counters for measuring the length of tapes in terms of sprocket-holes.
          "Stop and Start" for punching stop and start signs.
          Stickers (h and o): a device used in joining tapes.


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