Links to Enigma, Bombe and ULTRA Websites



Some of the more important websites concerned with the Enigma, the bombe and ULTRA:

Tony Sale's website
By his energetic and determined campaigning Tony played a pivotal role in securing a future for Bletchley Park.
Tony is responsible for the Colossus rebuild and is also rebuilding Heath Robinson.

Andrew Hodges' Alan Turing website
Andrew is the author of Alan Turing: The Enigma an exceptionally fine scientific biography and the definitive site for information on Turing.

Frode Weierud's Crypto pages
Frode, who works at CERN, is a member of the Crypto Simulation Group and has an extensive site concerned with historical cryptography.

Bombe Rebuild Project Homepage
John Harper and his colleagues are rebuilding the bombe at Bletchley Park. Follow the progress of the rebuild from this site.

David Hamer's website
David is an experienced lecturer on historical cryptology.

The Official Bletchley Park site
BP is no longer operational as a communications centre but now serves as a cryptological museum.

Government Communications Headquarters
Bletchley Park has not gone out of business - it merely changed name and address!
This is the website for GCHQ - the modern counterpart of BP.



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